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Most of us will soon be able to go hands-on with Battlefield 5, thanks to the upcoming beta test.

DICE has clarified plenty of details about Battlefield 5’s anticipated beta. The beta will differ form previous alpha tests in several ways, which we will outline below.

When does the Battlefield 5 beta start?

The Battlefield 5 beta test is split over two phases, but both will take place on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The first phase is available only to players who pre-ordered the game.

This early access stage kicks off Tuesday, September 4 on all platforms. Then, on Thursday, September 6, the beta opens up for everyone else. At that point, all you need to do is download the client to start playing.

We’re working on getting the exact time servers will be going live, but it’s safe to assume pre-load and server launch times will be similar, albeit on different dates.

How to get into the Battlefield 5 beta

Like we mentioned, the Battlefield 5 open beta will be available to all players. If want to get in two days early, however, you have a couple of options. Assuming you don’t get a free early access code (these are sometimes distributed), the most straight forward way of playing early is pre-ordering Battlefield 5.

If you pre-order at retail, your receipt should have a beta key you can enter on PSN, Xbox Live, or Origin. If it was a digital pre-order, you will be able to grab the beta client as soon as it’s available without needing to do anything extra.

On Xbox One, you can subscribe to EA Access to gain access to the beta early. The same is true for PC, where you can subscribe to either Origin Access, or Origin Access Premier to be able to play on September 4.

Can you pre-load the Battlefield 5 beta?

Yes, the Battlefield 5 beta will be available to pre-load starting Monday, September 3 at 1am PT, 4am ET, 9am BST. This is when the client will be available to download on PC through Origin, and on the Xbox, and PlayStation stores.

Do keep in mind, however, that sometimes PS4, and Xbox One stores take longer to update and put the beta page live, so don’t fret if you don’t see it the very second it goes live.

How big is the Battlefield 5 beta?

DICE did not reveal the final download size for the Battlefield 5 beta. This will become clearer as soon as the pre-load becomes available.

For reference, the closed alpha was a little over 10GB. Considering the amount of content (more on that below) in the beta, the download is probably going to be bigger.

What kind of content will the Battlefield 5 beta have?

Both the closed alpha’s Arctic Fjord, and the Rotterdam maps will be available in 64-player Conquest. And, like the alpha, two days of Grand Operations will be available on Arctic Fjord, also for 64 players.

The first day will see players airdropping in at night to destroy AA guns. Based on their performance in Airborne, the number of spawn tickets available on the next day will change. The second stage is a Breakthrough fight in daylight.

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