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Developed by Criterion Games in partnership with DICE, Firestorm elevates battle royale by bringing in the best of what Battlefield is known for. Mix a shrinking playing field with trademark Battlefield elements such as team play, powerful vehicles, and destruction, and you get battle royale so intense it’ll make your lips curl.

Expect even more details on Firestorm to come as we head closer to launch, but here’s a quick primer:

  • Wage war in a ring of fire that slowly shrinks the battlefield – don’t get trapped
  • Fight to be the last infantry squad standing of 64 players in 16 squads
  • The game-changing addition of Battlefield vehicles lets you wipe out unsuspecting squads with a tank or drive to survive with transport vehicles 
  • Work together as a squad to secure objectives that grant better and rare gear
  • Clash on the biggest Battlefield map to date
  • Transform the map with Destruction
  • Feel battle royale brought to life with stunning Battlefield graphics and audio
  • Matches are tied to your Company and Battlefield V progression

Battle Royale is a Burning Thing, and it Makes a Fiery Ring

From the moment you fall, down, down, down, from the sky, to when your boots hit the ground on the largest Battlefield map ever created – the encircling ring of fire presses in on you and your squad in an all-out war for survival among 16 squads of up to four players.

Firestorm Objectives

There will be several types of Objectives in a Firestorm match. These will operate similar to those found in the iconic Conquest mode, except some will be found at fixed locations and some at random, with varying types of supplies, weapons, and vehicles. Work with your squad to play the Objectives and unlock the most valuable gear to increase your chances at being the last ones standing.

The Largest Battlefield Map Ever

You and your squad must rewrite the definition of squad play on a massive Battlefield map. With no weapon loadout to start with, you’ll need to loot equipment scattered throughout the map. Securing Objectives and controlling key landmarks will define most confrontations, but how you and your squad get there – and how well equipped you are when you do – will never be the same.

Command Devastating Vehicles

In Firestorm, combat vehicles like the powerful Panzer tank have now entered the battle royale fray. Getting hold of a tank can give you a great edge, but you won't be invincible – and you need to measure risk versus reward if you challenge other squads to secure the battlefield's most fearsome hardware. Jumping into a transport vehicle will give your squad an edge in speed and power. If you find something with wheels, you can drive it into battle – or plot a quick escape.

Play on Panzerstorm and the returning Rush mode in the latest Grand Operation.

On February 21, a new Grand Operation, the Battle of Hannut, will be added to Battlefield™ V. You'll start the fight on a revamped Panzerstorm map, battle through the countryside of Arras, and be among the first to experience the return of Rush to Battlefield V – a 64-player version of the classic Battlefield mode.

The fresh Grand Operation is inspired by the ferocious mechanized melee that took place during World War 2 at the Battle of Hannut, where the Axis prepared to tear through the city of Hannut in Belgium on a blitzkrieg toward the Netherlands.

64-Player Rush

Rush in the Battle of Hannut is played on Arras during day 3 and doubles the traditional number of players to 64. The attacking team’s mission is to plant bombs at enemy objectives before the defenders can stop their detonation or deplete their respawn tickets.

In the Battle of Hannut, both Rush veterans and first-timers can expect the tactical play of Rush and moments of large scrambles as a mass of soldiers charge the objective.

The 32-player version of Rush will be available as a standalone mode for a limited time starting March 7. You'll deploy on the Twisted Steel, Narvik, and Devastation maps. But before then — and after — the Battle of Hannut is the only place you can play Rush.

The Battle of Hannut

  • Day 1
    • Map: Panzerstorm
    • Mode: Airborne
  • Day 2
    • Map: Panzerstorm
    • Mode: Breakthrough
  • Day 3
    • Map: Arras
    • Mode: 64-player Rush
  • Day 4 (in the event of a tie)
    • Map: Arras
    • Mode: Final Stand