To Join our platoon you need
to be requesting Clan membership or already a Clan member .
If you are not already a member of UKSF go to here first.

UKSF - Clan have over 75 active platoon members on the battlefield.

UKSF CLAN BF5 and BF1 Platoon Link
You first must log into Battlefield Companion (same as your Origin login) (until EA fix it )
Then here is the platoon link

If you click "start Representing platoon" this will add the [UKSF] Tags to your name and will also enable the Emblem ingame and on your profile, you can also change your emblem back to your old one while keeping the tags, you do this in your profile

Old Battlelog BF4 / BF3 platoon (not compatible with BF1 and BFV (thanks EA)