Recruiting for Battlefield V

Are you looking for a Social, Fun, & Experienced PC gaming Clan?
[UKSF] Clan Are Recruiting Players for Battlefield, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, World Of War Ships, CS:GO, FIFA, ARMA/DayZ,
but we play many online multiplayer games.

We are predominantly a Battlefield Clan, this has always been our foundation.
Established in 2005, the [UKSF] Clan have Members from all over Europe,
You Must be English Speaking, and you must be 18+ Years old.

We no longer use application forms!.
TeamSpeak Activity & banter is the only way to get the shiny [UKSF] tags before your name.

There are now only 2 steps to Joining the [UKSF] Clan.

1. You need to first join the Website (use your main ingame name), this is so we can add you to our Clan Roster when you get the [UKSF] tags.

2. Join Our Teamspeak (details below) So you can game and chat with our current [UKSF] Clan members, you must have a headset and working microphone. (otherwise, you will be kicked)

You will be issued Friend status until the trial period has ended.
Applications are approved by our members after a 1-3 week trial period, this time period depends on your activity.

Teamspeak Rules:
Respect Everyone!
Try and be an active member when possible.

If your application is successful you will be notified on Teamspeak, our members base their approval on the new recruits behaviour in teamspeak and their activity in game and in general chat and communication with current members.

So until we chat, welcome and good luck with the application process 🙂 Please feel free to post in our forums, maybe say hello
Our website is full of info,chat,fun and ramblings. If you have any questions or queries just ask someone on teamspeak or stick a post in the forums, we will be glad to help you!

If you need to you can download the Teamspeak 3 Client from here its Free!

Our TeamSpeak IP is Quick Connect Link Here target=_self]%20Clan%20| target=_self]Quick Connect Link Here
No need for Port or Password!
The direct IP & Port if you are having issues with the DNS name is: [url= target=_blank][/url]

Need help with your teamspeak 3 set up? Teamspeak help guide
Hope to see you soon,

Kind regards
[UKSF] Clan