Ring of Fire is a moded PVE server run by members of UKSF. Atm we are running a map called The Center, we have high xp , 40 times taming speed, and also more yield from farming. Everyone is welcome to join, the server has only 1 rule , Don't be a di%¤. for those that don't know what this mean.

- No griefing
-Don't build to close to others
-No Duping and Abusing Game Mechanics. ( this will be a Instant Ban if caught )
-No excessive bad language in chat or voip .

The server will change map and mod's from time to time, we will try make some post's about that and some votes, so everyone can have a saying. A message inn game will tell you when this poles are up.

The main mods we are running atm is
-Pugnacia Dino's ( Mod Id: 833379388 ) There is very good guides for this mod on steam workshop
Structure's + ( Mod ID: 731604991 )
Dino Station (Mod ID 1272830262 )
Automated Ark (Mod ID: 812655342 )
We also have some small mod's that are easy and fast to download, all mods will be automatically downloaded when you join the server.

More info and updates will come soon.Any questions just come and talk to me or rescue on Ts, or on steam .