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[UKSF] BobFunkHousejoin code for fantasy footy 1073986-575880
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Stu8080   registered to [UKSF] Clan | United Kingdom Special Forces
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[UKSF] BobFunkHouseWhile TS is down most of are using our backup discord. if you dont have use this link [link]
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[UKSF] PrivateSmokeyFragnet are still having issues with teamspeak across all ts server's.... Hopefully it will be resolved soon
JiveBeen a while guy's So is BF5 going to be a clan game. I for one am looking forward to it.
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[UKSF] executor   im in m8 looking aswel forward to play the game and make the clan egain alive
[UKSF] PrivateSmokey   Hi jive yes bf5 is a game UKSF will be active in
[UKSF] executorts still ofline ?
[UKSF] PrivateSmokey   It's intermittent dry for the inconvenience Joren
[UKSF] PrivateSmokey   *sry
[UKSF] PrivateSmokeyTeamspeaks beck up
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[UKSF] JohnnyBNLJust like Andy, I want to thank you all for the great four years that I had at UKSF. But the time has come to say goodbye. I had loads of fun, and I want to wish everyone the best.
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[UKSF] PrivateSmokey   Hi Johnny, thanks for letting us know, we had some great times and you will be missed :(
[UKSF] Uncivilization   Bye Johnny ! Keep in touch on Steam etc!
[UKSF] Wombate   Pity to see you and Andy leave Johnny. Thx for the great games, looking forward to play with you two in the future.
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