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2018's Battlefield game will be set in World War 2, a new Venturebeat report states.

V for... Victory? Vendetta?

Eurogamer sources close to the project have heard similar.

After being referred to by the name Battlefield 2 throughout development, an update to the above report states it has recently been given the final name of Battlefield V - which works both as Battlefield 5 and as a call-out to the famous V for Victory sign.

A WW2 setting comes as little surprise - last year's Battlefield 1 was a huge success, while last year's Call of Duty WW2 was... also a huge success.

And Venturebeat states this has been EA's plan all along - test the waters of a return to historical combat with WW1, before doubling down on the more well-known setting of WW2.

In December, Eurogamer squashed a report that this year's Battlefield would be Bad Company 3. Eurogamer sources close to the project told me the idea for Battlefield Bad Company 3 had existed, but was not in development.

Battlefield-focused YouTuber Levelcap chimed in to cast doubt on the original report of BC3. (It's an open secret that several Battlefield YouTubers are kept in the loop on DICE's upcoming plans.)

Amid the confusion, I contacted AlmightyDaq and surprisingly found that he was backtracking on his BC3 video.

"There are two games," he told me. "I'm aware that DICE Sweden is WW2. That's what my next video is about. The one I leaked is DICE LA." Bad Company 3 would not be 2018, after all.

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[UKSF] Tesla_The_Great I'm completely satisfied by BF4 tbh :) BF1 is a rubbish, so I wouldn't be so happy about this new BF 2018.


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